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It Was Time for a Facelift: This site is under construction so please be patient. It’s the new version of a twenty-year-old site that was showing its age. Twenty years ago I launched The Ancient Theatre Archive: a virtual reality tour of Greek and Roman theatre architecture. My mission was to document the appearance and known facts pertaining to ancient Greek and Roman theatres: a study guide if you will for architecture and theatre history students. Read More …

All adventures begin with a map – at least this one did. The location was Ostia Antica, and the date was May 26th, 2001.  I was vacationing in Rome with my family. Our itinerary included the usual attractions: Pantheon – check, Forum – check, Vatican – check. They, and many more, were dots on my much-folded map of Rome. My eldest daughter recommended I add one additional landmark, Ostia Antica, the seaport of ancient Rome. As she said, “It’s easier to get to than Pompeii; it’s just as ruined; there are fewer tourists, and it has the remains of an ancient stone theatre.” Read More …

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