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Aegeira (modern Egira, Greece)


Modern Egira, Greece

Theatre Type

Greek / Roman Theatre

Earliest Date

280-250 BCE

Renovations / Excavations

Remodelled between 117-138 CE; Roman period 2 vaulted drainage channels built under scene building; parodoi vaulted over.

GPS Coordinates

Seating Capacity



Cavea Width: 46 meters
Orchestra Width: 12 meters


Aegeira (modern Egira, Greece). Cavea width: 46 m, ima cavea 12 rows in 11 cunei; summa cavea ? rows separated by praecinctio; seating capacity: 3.000; orchestra width: 14.4 m surrounded by drainage channel; north-east facing cavea; most of central part of cavea cut from rock. Hellenistic scene building: L 15.40 m; W 8.50 m. Scaenae frons: in Roman times massive wall (1.60 m thick) built on line of old scene building to create scaenae frons; in front of it 6 massive piers creating 5 rectangular niches; regia framed in central pair of piers projecting from scaenae frons wall; hospitalia framed in end pairs; columnatio: probably 2 storeys (unfluted Doric column drums and cornice fragments found); 2 sets of 3 piers ran across middle of scene building to support roof; side rooms also incorporated into Roman scene building; extended up to back wall of central room; side. Date: ca.1st half of 3rd cent. BCE; Roman renovations ca. 117-138 CE (Hadrianic). (Frank Sear, p. 385)

Aegeira Theatre: The ancient theater of Aigeira is situated near the town of Aigeira offering a view to the Corinthian gulf. Its construction dates back to 280-250 Β.C. Similar to the orchestra, the koilo is hewn on natural rock and when not available the soil was cut to accommodate stone seats. During the Hellenistic period the Ancient Theater of Aigeira consisted of a two storey building. A corridor divides the koilo into two parts with a total capacity of 3.000 spectators, its total length reaching 30,70 m. Work on the monument began in August 2011 and the operation was completed in December 2015.The restoration of the ancient theater of Aigeira as a sub-project of the larger project “Restoration and promotion of the archaeological site of Paleokastro Aigon (Ancient Aigeira) has been included in the NSRF.

Source: Diazoma.The ancient theater of Aigeira. 

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